If American health care wasn’t confusing before, it sure is now.  Costs continue to rise, quality by world standards is still mediocre, and patients, providers, employers, and payers alike are dissatisfied.  More and more people agree: the current system is unsustainable.

But there is a big gap between “I don’t like the current system” and “Here’s the system I want”.  How should we do things differently?  What changes should we make in the way we pay for and deliver health care?  How can we return to a system that makes sense to the people who get the care, give the care, and pay for the care?

At Want Healthcare, we know about building and running accountable care organizations.  My name is Dr. Jay Want, and I spent more than a decade building the systems necessary to be accountable for cost and quality in an environment of ever-increasing expectations for multiple Independent Practice Associations (IPAs).  In 2011 I started this consulting firm, and today continue to be a leader in Colorado health care reform, serving as the founding board chair for the Center for Improving Value in Health Care.  From both the policy level and practical experience, I know how accountable care can work.  I believe that transformation is based on a clear and compelling vision of how health care can work better – for everyone.  I believe that vision comes true when we work together.  And I believe that health care delivered wisely and well is a community asset of the highest order.

Welcome to Want Healthcare.  Looking forward to navigating the storm with you!

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